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Sandra Zebi is an artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil who received her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and also studied Architecture and Classic Sculpture. She lived in London for two years and traveled around Europe, Asia and Australia before coming to Los Angeles in 1986. She was very intrigued and inspired by the cultural diversity that the city had to offer, and decided to permanently reside there. Starting in 1991, she began a career as a ceramist and her work was popularly known as Zebi Designs, which launched a bold new journey marked by perseverance and idealism. Zebi's work has been featured in several magazines, TV shows , websites and newspapers that have been exposed all over the United States and internationally.

Since then she has branched out and now works with various medias including acrylic paintings, digital art, and mixed media. Zebi's art has it's own style with simple, yet distinct and vibrant colors. Her work is made up of cheerful and graceful images used to convey positive messages while representing her Brazilian culture. Her creativity is characterized by her unique style and has gained recognition and admiration throughout the community and abroad through her public sculptures and murals. She is a strong believer in "less is more" and continually expresses that in her art.
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